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SilkWash Supercool Duvet

The SilkWash SuperCool Duvet

We originally made this duvet for the Summer. We were asked for a lightweight hypoallergenic duvet that could be washed at high temperatures. This was required by our customers with allergies who did not want synthetics and yet wanted to be able to wash their duvets at 600c or even 900c.  Washing the SilkWash at  600c will denature dust mites, wash  at 900c and the duver will be sterilised. 

We found that people liked the feel of their cotton and silk duvets so much that they wanted to use them all year round. We found this could be done easily by layering the duvet with 100% cotton cellular blankets. You can purchase these from our  from our partners at Allergy Best Buys as well as the SilkWash Duvet