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FeatherFresh Pillows

FeatherFresh Boilable Hypoallergenic Feather Pillows

We developed FeatherFresh because so many of our customers wanted a hypoallergenic pillow that kept dust mites at bay but one with a  natural filling not synthetic.

FeatherFresh was the answer. It is made using goose feathers and down encased in the same cover material as our CottonFresh Barrier Covers. The filling is steralised to  Downafresh -certification stanards and safe to use for people with Asthma, Eczema and allergies. The pillow itself is NOMITE (R) certified and is therefore suitable for dust mite allergy sufferers. To ensure cleanliness the FeatherFresh pillow can be machine washed up 95centigrade.

FeatherFresh Pillows are available from Allergy Best Buys. They can be purchased VAT Free by qualifying customers